“Uber Everywhere” Rapper MadeinTYO Switching To Lyft Over Uber’s Implicit Support Of Trump’s Muslim Ban

On Saturday evening, in response to Donald Trump’s executive order to refuse entry to refugees from seven predominantly Muslim countries, the cab drivers of New York City announced a one-hour strike, from 6PM to 7PM, when the refused to pick up fares at JFK Airport. Meanwhile, the ride-sharing app Uber moved actively to break the strike, continuing to pick people up at the airport during that hour and also dropping its surge pricing. In response to that and to Uber CEO Tim Kalanick’s decision to serve on Trump’s economic advisory board, people all over the US vowed on social media to delete Uber, or to stop using the service entirely. And one of those people was a rapper who made his name with a song about Uber.

The Atlanta rapper MadeinTYO had his biggest hit with the 2016 single “Uber Everywhere.” But as The FADER points out, MadeinTYO annouced on Twitter last night that he’d be switching over to Lyft, the Uber competitors whose co-founders wrote a statement denouncing Trump’s executive order and made a $1 million donation to the ACLU. Here’s how MadeinTYO put it:

MadeinTYO just became a dad, so he hasn’t had a whole lot more to say about this. But consider it one more statement from a member of the public who’s already, after one week, fed up with all the bullshit from Donald J. Trump and his allies.

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