Chainsmokers Acknowledge That They’re The Nickelback Of EDM

The soft-EDM duo the Chainsmokers are both widely despised and shockingly popular right now, which means you could make a pretty good case that they are this decade’s answer to Nickelback. Esquire recently did just that, running an article called “The Chainsmokers Are The Nickelback Of EDM.” And the Chainsmokers themselves have taken that idea and run with it. Responding to Esquire on Twitter, the duo posted a video of themselves singing a medley of their own “Paris” and Nickelback’s immortal “How You Remind Me,” with Andrew Taggert going full Chad Kroeger yarl on the Nickelback bits. It’s a short video, interrupted by giggling, but imagine if they just went for it. Watch the video below.

We have not yet, as a society, gotten around to admitting that “How You Remind Me” and “Photograph” are really good songs. I wonder if it’ll take as long for us to acknowledge that “Don’t Let Me Down” is fucking great.