Bruno Mars Eyed For Grammys’ Prince Tribute

The Grammys will, of course, have to do something big to pay homage to Prince’s legacy as part of their show. And right now, they’re figuring out which performer will be able to do the best job giving that tribute. That can’t be easy! Last year, they got Lady Gaga to pay tribute to David Bowie, and it was sincere but also messy. And this year, it looks like they’re going to go with Bruno Mars for Prince.

According to Billboard, Mars is in talks to perform on the show with the Time, the Minneapolis-funk Prince proteges who played the antagonist band in Purple Rain. Mars is already scheduled to perform on the show, and it’s not yet clear whether Mars will perform with Morris Day, or whether they’re planning to do Mars songs, Prince songs, the Time songs, or a medley of all of them. But they’re still figuring things out, and the contentious nature of Prince’s estate could complicate things.

In any case, “Uptown Funk!” was already pretty much a tribute to the Time, so the pairing at least makes sense.