Father John Misty Talks Writing For Beyoncé, Lady Gaga

Father John Misty Talks Writing For Beyoncé, Lady Gaga

Father John Misty was interviewed on Beats 1 about his forthcoming new album, Pure Comedy, and the third single from it, “Ballad Of The Dying Man,” which came in quick succession after the first two. During the interview, he talked about his contributions to Beyoncé and Lady Gaga’s most recent albums, on “Hold Up” and “Sinner’s Prayer” & “Come To Mama” respectively.

Here’s him on Beyoncé:

That was never an ambition. Our friend Amil played her some of my music. He was having a meeting with them and played her some of my stuff and I guess she really loved it. Sent me an email and said she wanted me to write. With “Hold Up” they just sent me the beat and the hook. I wrote that first verse and the ‘jealous and crazy’ part. I can play you my demo if you want. After we recorded I was like ‘we cannot send this to her. This is ridiculous.’ I just couldn’t. My voice is not – the song is not intended to be sold by me. But it was never an ambition it was never anywhere near – it’s completely absurd that Lady Gaga and Beyoncé are my only co-writes. Everyone else is like ‘ehhh’.

And on Gaga:

That was way more immersive than the Beyoncé thing. Oh, we were hanging. It was like five in the morning, someone handing me an acoustic guitar and I’m just like, ‘what are hands.’ We had so much fun. Mark [Ronson] – just watching him produce, it was amazing.

Watch the full interview here.

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