Danny Brown & Paul White – “Accelerator” Video

This Friday, Danny Brown and Paul White, the UK producer who did most of the beats on Brown’s great recent album Atrocity Exhibition, will release their new collaborative EP Accelerator. It includes two new Brown/White tracks, “Accelerator” and “Lion’s Den,” as well as the instrumental versions of both tracks. White has just shared the video for “Accelerator” and it’s a hectic, fuzzed-out experimental rap track, just as frantic and intense as anything on Atrocity Exhibition. In director Eoin Glaister’s goofy-as-fuck and occasional disgusting, a man (Ewen MacIntosh, from the British version of The Office) chases his own escaped brain around town. The brown has a face and an appetite for hedonism, and it sometimes fights people. It’s pretty weird! Check out the song and the video below, via Pitchfork.

The Accelerator EP is out on R&S.