Watch Stephen Colbert Joke About Moby’s Donald Trump Intel

Moby recently claimed to have lots of inside information about Donald Trump, including proof that Russia is blackmailing Trump and that the Trump administration is trying to provoke a war with Iran. During his monologue on The Late Show last night, Stephen Colbert joked about the absurdity of Moby revealing top-secret information about the US government:

You know you can trust Moby. He’s got connections in the highest echelons of Washington’s vegan cafes. He posted his findings to Instagram and Facebook, then of course remixed them and sold them to a Mazda commercial…If you’re wondering when Moby’s Instagram became the public record, it was shortly after Trump’s Twitter feed became the Library of Congress… Random celebs claiming to have dirt on the president seems crazy, until you remember that the president is a random celeb. Things are so weird right now that Moby and Tom Arnold seem more reliable than Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer.

Watch the whole bit below.