Watch Migos Do “Bad And Boujee” On Ellen

We had to know this was coming. Anytime you’ve got a song that’s big enough, you get to do that song on Ellen. It doesn’t matter if that song is explicitly about cooking up dope with an Uzi, or if the people rapping it have been espousing rock-dumb homophobia in recent weeks. But it’s still disorienting to watch it actually play out. Anyway, it happened. Migos did “Bad And Boujee” on Ellen. They censored most of their own cuss words, and they seemed to forget that they were supposed to wait around at the end while Ellen DeGeneres gushed over them. And because of a very excited Ellen crowd, the performance somehow turned out to be marginally less awkward than what they did on Kimmel last month. Watch the magic unfold below.

UPDATE: On the same episode, Ellen also debuted a rap video about reading that Big Sean made with a second-grade class. It’s also got appearances from Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ice Cube, Ty Dolla $ign, and, yes, Migos:

Migos’ Culture is out now on Quality Control/300 Entertainment/Atlantic. Despite everything, it is fucking great.