Lauryn Hill Is A Grandma Now

Lauryn Hill was 22 when she and her boyfriend Rohan Marley — the son of Bob Marley and a former Miami Hurricanes linebacker — welcomed their son Zion into the world. “To Zion,” one of the prettiest songs on 1998’s The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill, is about her baby boy. (Hill and Marley would go on to have four more kids.) Well, that baby boy Zion is 19 now, and he just welcomed his own first child into the world. That means Ms. L-Boogie is a grandmother now.

Billboard reports that Rohan announced the birth on Twitter earlier this week. The kid’s name is Zephaniah, and he is beautiful:

Hill is only 41, so you shouldn’t feel too old upon learning this. You should feel pretty old, though.

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