Migos – “Deadz” (Feat. 2 Chainz) Video

Migos inarguably have some deeply problematic tendencies, but they also made Culture, probably my favorite album that anyone has released in 2017, and they make one motherfuck of a music video. Their latest is for “Deadz,” a Culture deep cut with a 2 Chainz guest appearance and an incredible beat from producer Cardo. Migos member Quavo co-directed the video with Daps, and that’s the same team who made the incredible “T-Shirt” video last month. This one doesn’t ascend to those heights, but it is about the members of Migos using the power of money to reanimate actual dead presidents. As in: Ben Franklin is lying there in a coffin, and Migos throw money around near him, and he opens his eyes. It’s fucking ridiculous. Also, Cardo conducts and actual orchestra, and 2 Chainz gets an amazing entrance. Seriously: This video fucking rules. Watch it below.

Culture is out now on Quality Control/300 Entertainment/Atlantic.