CARE – “Solitude” Video

Justin Majetich’s ambitious pop project CARE released its sophomore album, LUV IN THE RUINS, in two parts at the end of last year and the beginning of this one, and today he’s shared a video for “Solitude,” a characteristically sprawling track from the first half of the album. It was directed by Jackson Hall and follows Majetich in an arresting one-shot as he gets ready to leave the house, before cutting to scenes of him shaving his head in a darkly-lit room and walking around Grand Rapids, MI, where the video was shot and where Majetich grew up. “For viewers familiar with these streets and stairways, the video may resonate at an intensely personal level, but even those foreign to these scenes may find they evoke pathos for life’s unyeilding fleetingness,” Majetich said of the video. Watch it below.

LUV IN THE RUINS is out now via Winspear.