Dutch Uncles – “Oh Yeah” Video

Dutch Uncles released their new album, Big Balloon, a few weeks back, and today they’re sharing a video for “Oh Yeah.” Frontman Duncan Wallis puts on some rollerblades and gets to work in the rink, first alone and then with others, along with some fun overly literal nods to the lyrics peppered throughout. Wallis had this to say about the video in a press release:

Yeah, I used to be a skater boy. But like most other fruit-booters I didn’t have the patience to learn boarding or BMXing, so skating became my thing. I gave up soon after because I refused to wear a helmet but didn’t want to destroy my quite frankly beautiful face or brains), but when Nick suggested a bit of 4-on-4, I couldn’t wait to tear shit up.

Practising was a little odd. At 4pm on a Wednesday in a roller rink, you find yourself the only person over 10 years old working on some sweet glides, so I didn’t have much time as to not arouse suspicion.

Watch below.

Big Balloon is out now via Memphis Industries.