iHeartRadio Accidentally Gives Fifth Harmony’s Award To Zayn, Adds Fake Extra Category To Even Things Out

Last night, as Billboard, E! News, US Weekly, and every other entertainment publication in existence reports, Zayn Malik won Best Music Video for “Pillowtalk” at the iHeartRadio Music Awards. Zayn was in France for Paris Fashion Week last night, but after iHeartRadio announced his victory, he posted a brief acceptance speech featuring his “Pillowtalk” costar Gigi Hadid on social media. iHeartRadio then broadcast his speech on their official Snapchat.

The only problem? Zayn didn’t actually win. Best Video is one of the categories determined by fan vote, and evidently, iHeartRadio took another look at the vote counts today and decided that whoopsie, Fifth Harmony and Ty Dolla $ign’s “Work From Home” video won.

So far so Oscars, right? But instead of just admitting that they made a mistake and issuing an apology, iHeartRadio proceeded to scrub any mention of Zayn’s Best Video win from all of their pages and make up a totally new category, “Best Solo Breakout,” to justify his acceptance video.

I’m sure Zayn is very happy with his made up award, and I guess the iHeartRadio Music Awards did get their Oscars-style snafu after all. Good for them! Everyone wins! Except Zayn fans, who are pretty incensed about the whole thing and trying to get #iHeartWasRigged to start trending on Twitter.

We’ve reached out to iHeartRadio for comment.

UPDATE: iHeartRadio has responded to the controversy on Twitter, apologizing for the mix-up without really admitting that they, you know, made up a category for Zayn to win.