Little Dragon – “Sweet” Video

Yesterday, Little Dragon revealed their new single “Sweet” on the radio, and today they’ve officially released it alongside a video. Their visuals are always on point, and this one’s no different — it’s a digitally distorted kaleidoscope featuring Yukimi Nagano looking through a spyglass intercut with footage of the band on the road. They’ve also announced all of the details behind their next album, which is called Season High and will be out digitally on 4/14. They co-produced it with Joel Ford in Gothenburg. Here’s what Nagano had to say about the album as a whole:

We have grown through the years but the making of this album has been a struggle. As much as our band is based on a deep friendship we are four strong wills who find it really frustrating to compromise. We have gotten better at that though, but it’s still a real battle. It gets harder and harder for us to make records but we still love it. Sometimes it feels like we have 100% passion and life or death emotions yet there’s a pointlessness with everything. We want to exist in our own bubble where we can stay curious about sounds. The magic feeling that sounds can sprinkle over any boring day is what got us all hooked. That feeling of escapism …maybe because Gothenburg is a grey place for most of the year, our curse and blessing is that we never quite succeed.

Watch the “Sweet” video below.

01 “Celebrate”
02 “High”
03 “Pop Life”
04 “Sweet”
05 “Butterflies”
06 “Should I”
07 “Don’t Cry”
08 “Strobe Light”
09 “Push”
10 “Gravity”

Season High is out 4/14 via Loma Vista Records. (It’ll be out on CD and vinyl on 5/5.)