Watch Travis Scott’s Intense, Surreal Birds In The Trap Short Film

Last year, the cool-hunting rap star Travis Scott released Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight, an album that was better than I think anyone expected. Last night, he accompanied it with a tense, vivid, surreal 14-minute short film, also called Birds In The Trap. The film, directed by Fleur Fortune, isn’t a music video, and it isn’t really centered around music. It starts out with a long tracking shot of Scott leaving a party, getting into a couple of fights, and driving around Detroit. There are a few sharp plot turns, and before long, we’re in a burned-out futurescape full of stark and memorable imagery. It’s indulgent, as these artists’ short films always are, but it also makes for an absorbing watch. See a preview below.

Right now, the short film is an iTunes/Apple Music exclusive, though you don’t have to be a subscriber to watch. Check it out here. Also, in a recent British GQ Style interview, Scott denied reports that he fell into a hole in Drake’s stage in London: “I didn’t fall, dude, I flew. I was floating. I don’t fall. Shit, nothing happened. Floating is amazing. It’s like getting in a plane. I just flew, man. I’m a magician, like David Blaine. I could never fall.” (He fell.)

UPDATE 6/12: The film is now viewable on YouTube.