Marco Rubio Thinks Snoop Dogg’s New Video Might Inspire Someone To Kill The President

Yesterday, Snoop Dogg released a new video for his song “Lavender,” on which he raps over a Kaytranada/BADBADNOTGOOD collaboration. The video takes place in a world populated entirely by clowns, and in its climactic video, Snoop points a gun at the head of the clown version of Donald Trump and pulls the trigger. A “bang” cloud comes out. If you need further proof that Snoop does not actually assassinate the clown version of Trump in the video, consult the final scene, in which Snoop pointedly refuses to share his weed with Clown Trump. Nevertheless, Republican Senator and former presidential hopeful Marco Rubio was not amused.

Talking to TMZ yesterday, Rubio said:

Snoop shouldn’t have done that. We’ve had presidents assassinated before in this country, so anything like that is really something we should be very careful about… I think people could disagree on policy, but you gotta be very careful about that kind of thing. Because the wrong person sees that and gets the wrong idea, you can have a real problem. So I’m not sure what Snoop was thinking. He should think about that a little bit.

Here’s the video of Rubio making his comments:

Let’s all spend the rest of the day writing speculative fiction about Snoop Dogg-inspired presidential assassins.