Feist – “Pleasure”

Leslie Feist announced this week that she’ll soon release Pleasure, her first album since Metals in 2011. For context, that was a year before Barack Obama won his second presidential term. The world has changed a lot since then. So, apparently, has Feist’s music. “Pleasure,” the new album’s opener and title track, hit the internet tonight, and it’s an intriguing foretaste of what’s to come: surprisingly lo-fi, bluesy, and ferocious on a PJ Harvey wave while maintaining the understated grace and fortitude that has always marked Feist’s best records. It’s just familiar enough to trigger blissful recognition and just weird enough to have me scratching my head. Listen below.

Pleasure is out 4/28 via Interscope. I can’t wait to hear what else it has to offer.

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