Run The Jewels – “Legend Has It” Video

Run The Jewels – “Legend Has It” Video

Run The Jewels have shared a new video for RTJ3 track “Legend Has It,” the first video for the latest album from the explosive rap duo. It was directed by Brian Beletic — who also directed the clip for El-P’s “Deep Space 9mm” — and follows Killer Mike and El-P as they stand for a police lineup right after the dropped tabs of acid. Here’s what Beletic had to say about the video:

The video for ‘Legend Has It’ plays with the theme of guilty until proven innocent. We live in a world where the stronger the truth the greater the opposition. In this story EL-P and Killer Mike are in a police lineup and the cards are stacked heavily against them. But why is that?” And for Run the Jewels, “this video is a worst nightmare scenario. High on acid and caught in the system. Pitted against icons of innocence in a police line up that doesn’t feel real. No bunnies were hurt in the making of this video.

Watch below.

RTJ3 is out now.

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