TOPS – “Petals” Video

TOPS write nostalgic, wistful pop songs both pristine and woozy. The Montreal trio’s last album, 2014’s Picture You Staring, was a low-key stirring listen, and the band’s one-off singles since then have been elegant detours into gauzy gloom-ballads and jazzy lounge sprawl. We’ve now heard the first official single from TOPS’ upcoming third studio album, Sugar At The Gate, the romantic “Petals,” and today the song gets its own visual. Self-directed by vocalist Jane Penny, the “Petals” video complements the track’s sparkling ’80s soft-rock pastiche in its depiction of a musician cosplay party. There are shots of Michael Jackson, Prince, and Madonna imitators, and then Penny dancing with an enchanting charisma that makes you believe she just might end up getting turned into a costume one day herself among that storied company. Watch below.

Sugar At The Gate is out 6/9 via Arbutus.

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