Kamasi Washington – “Truth” Video

It’s been about two years ago since the Los Angeles saxophonist Kamasi Washington stunned the world with his monumental jazz triple-album The Epic. Washington did something unconventional to follow it up: He debuted a new suite of music called Harmony Of Difference at the Whitney Biennial. Part of Washington’s installation was a short film from AG Rojas, the great LA music-video director.

Washington has recently signed with Young Turks, and he’s about to turn the 37-minute Harmony Of Difference into an EP for the label. The music is inspired by the vitally important (and, lately, somehow controversial) idea that diversity is good for the world. And now he’s shared “Truth,” 14 minutes of lovely, expansive, contemplative jazz alongside that Rojas short film, which is full of beautifully shot slice-of-life imagery. Check it out below.

Harmony Of Difference is coming soon on Young Turks. In the meantime, you can hear the whole thing on a loop at the Whitney.