Watch Future Islands’ Intense, Dramatic, Amazing Conan Performance

You probably don’t need me to tell you this, but Future Islands are one of the great must-see bands out there on the late-night live-performance circuit. Last night — a few days after they released their excellent new album The Far Field, and a few weeks after they performed “Ran” on The Tonight Show — they did musical-guest duties on Conan, howling through their single “Cave.” For some reason, the band played in dim, vision-obscuring lighting on the show. But you could still get a look at Samuel T. Herring, an absolutely intense and magnetic frontman who pulled his best hardcore-screamer moves and did things with his voice that he never tried on the song’s recorded version. Conan to Herring: “You seemed to mean that!” Watch it below.

The Far Field is out now on 4AD.