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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

Lil Dicky spent $700,000 on his “Pillow Talking” video. It is 11 minutes long, and the song plays for all of it. It features CGI aliens, CGI dinosaurs, and John C. Reilly as God. Lil Dicky’s own walking CGI brain is a character in the video, consistently muttering about how it has to take a shit, and it gets its own “featuring” credit. It also opens with a naked Lil Dicky having sex. I cannot tell if this video is weirdly brilliant or whether it’s an unbelievably obnoxious and indulgent piece of shit. (It’s sort of like the movie Sausage Party that way.) I never want to watch it again, and I really never want to hear the song again, but I’m not sorry I spent 11 minutes on it. That video isn’t on this list, mostly because I didn’t know what to do with it. This week’s picks are below.

5. JEFF The Brotherhood – “Punishment” (Dir. Jen Uman & Grant Davis)

There’s the one monster truck called Backwards Bob, and its gimmick is that it looks like it’s always driving backwards. This video chronicles a guy in India with a similar gimmick, the crucial distinction being that he really is always driving backward. Through streets in India. I was terrified for the entire span of this video. Imagine what this guy’s life is like.

4. Arca – “Desafìo” (Dir. Jesse Kanda)

A creative exercise that’s always fun: Watch an Arca situation and try to figure out how in the hell he got himself into this situation. The only answer I can imagine is usually “he wandered into a terrifying bondage club,” but maybe you can do better.

3. NxWorries – “Scared Money” (Dir. Calmatic)

The 2002 movie Paid In Full was itself a period piece about the ’80s glory days of crack-dealing fortune. So this video is effectively a period piece of a period piece. No wonder the clothes look so good.

2. Alt-J – “3WW” (Dir. Young Replicant)

I have a feeling that this is supposed to have a real emotional, narrative weight, that it isn’t supposed to be an empty if beautifully staged collection of movie tropes. I don’t get it. But wow, what an empty and beautifully staged collection of movie tropes!

1. Aminé – “RedMercedes” (Dir. Aminé)

I could probably write an entire thesis about the racial politics on display in this video. But I’ll spare you. Instead, I’ll just saw how awesome and refreshing it is when a buzzing young rapper abandons any possible notions of looking cool and instead commits to a bit more than most sketch comics would.