Waxahatchee – “Silver” Video

Waxahatchee – “Silver” Video

Two years ago, Katie Crutchfield’s Waxahatchee project released a truly great album called Ivy Tripp. And yesterday, Crutchfield announced that she’ll follow that one up this summer with a new LP called Out In The Storm. Crutchfield recorded the new LP in Philadelphia, with the veteran Dinosaur Jr./Sonic Youth collaborator John Agnello producing.

Crutchfield’s twin sister Allison — who released her own great solo debut Tourist In This Town earlier this year — played keyboards and percussion on the new album, while Sleater-Kinney touring member Katie Harkin played lead guitar. The band recorded much of the album live in the studio — a big departure from Ivy Tripp, where Crutchfield and producer Keith Spencer recorded the entire album themselves in a rented Long Island house.

Speaking about the new album in a press release, Crutchfield says, “Ivy Tripp doesn’t really have any resolution. It’s a lot of beating around the bush, and superficially trying to see my life clearly, but just barely scratching the surface. Out In The Storm digs into what I was going through without blinking. It’s a very honest record about a time in which I was not honest with myself.”

First single “Silver” is an explosively catchy guitar-pop anthem that sounds like Waxahatchee’s whole classic sound blown out and made widescreen. It captures a lot of the buzzing excitement of a new relationship, and it fucking rules. Below, watch a video for it and check out the album’s tracklist.

01 “Never Been Wrong”
02 “8 Ball”
03 “Silver”
04 “Recite Remorse”
05 “Sparks Fly”
06 “Brass Beam”
07 “Hear You”
08 “A Little More”
09 “No Question”
10 “Fade”

Out In The Storm is out 7/14 on Merge. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Jesse Riggins

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