Watch Bonnie “Prince” Billy & His Dogs Cover Merle Haggard On Local Louisville Morning News

Will Oldham, the country-folk enigma who performs as Bonnie “Prince” Billy, doesn’t do a whole lot of interviews, or a whole lot of media in general. But for whatever reason, he recently sat down with the exceedingly goofy hosts of a morning-news show in his Louisville, Kentucky hometown. Oldham brought his dogs onto the show and gamely answered all his hosts’ questions. (Best moment, when asked whether he prefers doing music or movies: “I like the things that pay a lot.”)

And with Oldham getting ready to release the Merle Haggard tribute album Best Troubadour next month, he naturally played a Haggard song that isn’t on the album. With his dogs sitting on the couch and his wife Elsa Oldham playing jaw harp, Oldham sang “Bad Actor,” a song from Haggard’s 2010 album I Am What I Am. Watch it all unfold below.

Best Troubadour is out 5/5 on Drag City.