CupcakKe – “Reality Pt 4″ Video

In the intent, intense black-and-white video for “Reality Pt 4,” the young Chicago rapper CupcakKe proves herself to be so much larger than her shock-and-awe sex-rapper persona. While her most recent project, Queen Elizabitch, is filled with the same type of “oh-my-goodness,” deliriously fun filth CupcakKe sells with such effortless swagger, it also showcases her clear-minded-but-aggressive response to current politics and her own troubled upbringing. “Reality Pt 4,” the album’s à capella closing track, is of the latter variety, finding CupcakKe dropping reflective bars about her past and the present: “My father don’t want me like we don’t want Donald Trump/ I was tryna keep it cool for my mammy/ Them long lines standing in that food pantry.” At times, CupcakKe gets uncomfortably dark, delivering these lyrics to you unflinchingly as she uses up the whole frame: “Once I turned 12 it was all hell/ Roaming the streets looking for D when I couldn’t even spell/ Fighting demons with a poker face like everything swell.” The rap is dense, but the visual is stark, and the combination will leave you as silent as the instrumental. Watch below.

Queen Elizabitch is out now.

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