Stream Emperor X Oversleepers International

Stream Emperor X Oversleepers International

Chad Matheny has been releasing music as Emperor X for a long while now, but Oversleepers International is his first for the Carolinas-based label Tiny Engines. He’s an insightfully political artist as evidenced by big-statement early singles like “Wasted On The Senate Floor,” which was released right before the US election, and “€30,000” and “Schopenhauer In Berlin,” but there’s more than jittery and passionate songwriting on his albums. Especially on the amorphous and eclectic back half of Oversleepers International, he dabbles in experiments like the dancey “Warmth Perimeter,” a collaboration with Stephen Steinbrink, the 11-minute ambient closer “5-Hour Energy, Poland, 2017,” and the submerged and hypnotic “Low Orbit Ion Cannon.” It’s a consistently engaging listen, and you can stream the whole album below.

Oversleepers International is out 5/5 via Tiny Engines. Pre-order it here.

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