Watch Future Do “Mask Off” & “Used To This” On Kimmel

Future has somehow taken an anthem about a terrifying drug cocktail — a song with no video and no official single release — all the way up to #5 on the Billboard charts. And last night, Americans who stayed up late enough got to see Future doing the flute-looping monster “Mask Off” on network television. DJ Esco and a crew of ski-masked dancers flanked Future, and while Kimmel’s censors removed the cuss words, they left the drug references in — which is good, since there’s no song without those drug references. As an online bonus, Future also did a shortened version of his Drake collab “Used To This.” The best part of the performance was the way the audience at Kimmel’s outdoor festival stage reacted. Watch it below.

Future’s self-titled album is out now on Epic/A1/Freebandz.