Fyre Festival Hit With Third Lawsuit

It hasn’t even been a week since the beautiful viral disaster that was Fyre Fest, and the festival’s organizers have already been hit with three different lawsuits.

First, the celebrity attorney Mark Geragos filed a $100 million federal class action suit, claiming fraud and breach of contract. Then, an attorney representing three other ticket-holders filed another fraud lawsuit, this one going after the organizers, in part, for paying social-media influencers to promote the event even though nobody ever disclosed that the promotions were paid. And now there’s a third lawsuit, and this one also holds the show’s marketing director accountable.

NPR reports that ticket-holders Matthew Herlihy and Anthony Lauriello have filed a lawsuit in a federal court in New York. The two customers paid over $1,000 apiece for their tickets, and they put, respectively, $900 and $1,000 on the electronic wristbands that were supposed to cover purchases at the festival. Neither has been refunded yet. And one plaintiff claims that his jeans and sneakers were stolen because of insufficient security.

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