Danny L Harle – “1UL”

Danny L Harle – “1UL”

PC Music’s Month Of Mayhem rolls on. Some have been exciting, some have been less-than-exciting, but today’s entry certainly is certainly worth some attention. It’s a new Danny L Harle track called “1UL,” and it serves as the lead single to an EP of the same name that’s coming out next week (5/19). It’s a driving song that reminds me a lot of ATC’s perennial “All Around The World,” which itself was cribbed from a Russian pop group. Knowing how much PC Music enjoys intertextual references, that’s probably intentional, but “1UL” stands on its own as a very fun track. Listen below.

01 “1UL”
02 “Heavy Eyelids”
03 “Me4U”
04 “Happy All The Time”

The 1UL EP is out 5/19.

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