Fleet Foxes – “Fool’s Errand” Video

At midnight last night, Fleet Foxes shared their new single “Fool’s Errand.” After “Third Of May / ?daigahara,” it’s the second thing we’ve heard from Crack-Up, the band’s long-awaited third album. The video comes from director Sean Pecknold, who has directed a couple of Fleet Foxes videos in the past and who is the brother of lead Fleet Fox Robin Pecknold. The new clip is striking and lovely and truly strange. It shows us women in color-coordinated outfits dancing on beaches and cliffsides and rolling hills, and it looks a whole lot like a scene from a psychedelic early-’70s musical. There’s also a very pretty dog in there. Check it out below.

Crack-Up is out 6/16 on Nonesuch.