Father John Misty Offers To Play Gambit In His Imaginary X-Men Movie

He’s at it again! And his is probably going to be annoyed that we are posting about it! On his Twitter this morning, Father John Misty asked Marvel for $60 million so that he could make a movie out of X-Ecutioner’s Song, an X-Men storyline that ran in the early ’90s, which introduced the villain Stryfe and which nobody really remembers fondly. In his imagined version of the movie, FJM himself offered to play Cajun card-chucker Gambit before changing his mind and deciding that the role should go to Stranger Than Paradise star John Lurie. He also cast Forest Whitaker as Wolverine, Frances Bean Cobain as Rogue, and Charli XCX as Boom Boom, among many others. As I’m typing this, he’s still going. Here’s the complete FJM vision, as it exists on Twitter right now:

It appears that the Mist has deleted the tweet where he says he’d play Gambit. That’s too bad, since he should definitely play Gambit. Also, I’m just saying, I would watch this movie.