PWR BTTM’s Music Removed From Streaming Services

The response to the sexual assault allegations levied against PWR BTTM’s Ben Hopkins last week has been swift. In a matter of days, the band lost their label, their management company, a touring member, their opening acts, and probably their whole tour. And now, all of their music — including their debut album Ugly Cherries, which was released on Father/Daughter Records in 2015 — is in the process of being removed from streaming services. Their record has been pulled from Apple Music and the iTunes store, and a source at Spotify has confirmed to Stereogum that “the band’s content has been removed at the request of the label” and “should be down by midnight ET tonight.” Their most recent album, Pageant, has been removed from Bandcamp, though their earlier material is still available to stream and purchase on the site. There has been no statement from the band since their initial response to the allegations last week.