“She Blow That Dick Like A Cello” Makes No Sense, And Lil Yachty Is Sorry

Ever since Lil Yachty released his single “Peek A Boo” featuring Migos, listeners have been scratching their heads about his lyric, “My new bitch yellow/ She blow that dick like a cello.” Since when does playing the cello involve blowing? Or is he saying this woman’s fellatio is as beautiful as a glorious cello sonata? A lot of us are confused about Yachty’s alleged appeal, but this was genuinely perplexing.

As Slate points out, Yachty has addressed the confusion with a Genius annotation explaining that he simply didn’t know what a cello was: “I guess for a second, I thought a cello was a woodwind instrument and it is not.” He admits, “I fucked up,” but also blames his A&R rep for failing to bring this matter to his attention. Here’s the annotation in full:

OK, let’s stop for a second. Before you come at me, I’ma let you know. I’ma blame my A&R. Because he listened to that song many times and he allowed me to say that. I guess for a second, I thought a cello was a woodwind instrument and it is not. And nobody ever said shit. Nobody ever pulled up a pic and said, “Hey man. I don’t know if you know what this is, but it ain’t that.” I fucked up. I thought Squidward played the cello. He don’t. That’s a flute. I fucked up. But it do sound good.

Squidward Tentacles, the SpongeBob Squarepants character Yachty referenced, plays clarinet, not flute, a fact multiple people tweeted at Yachty over the weekend.

The annotation comes from a Genius-produced video, viewable below. The relevant passage begins at the 2:40 mark.

Here’s the “Peek A Boo” video:

And here’s Squidward playing clarinet:

Yachty’s debut album Teenage Emotions is out now on Quality Control/Motown/Capitol.

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