Halsey’s New Album Nearly Sold Early By Urban Outfitters Again

Halsey’s New Album Nearly Sold Early By Urban Outfitters Again

Urban Outfitters accidentally leaked Alternative Music Artist Halsey’s 2015 debut Badlands, mistakenly shipping a bunch of copies out weeks in advance and then mistakenly selling more copies in stores three days before its release date. Halsey wasn’t happy then, angrily tweeting “What kind of company are you?” at the retailer, but she evidently got over it, because she decided to sell a limited edition version of her next album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, exclusively on Urban Outfitters:


But maybe she shouldn’t have. Because Hopeless Fountain Kingdom is supposed to be out this Friday, but once again, Urban Outfitters has already started selling it in stores:

Her label, Astralwerks, seems concerned:

And her fans are really not having it:

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom is out now via Urban Outfitters.

UPDATE: Urban Outfitters issued a statement indicating Halsey’s album was stocked early at one Chicago store but pulled from the sales floor before any copies were sold. The statement also indicates that the SKU for the album was not activated yet, which apparently prevents any units from being sold. Here’s the full statement:

Halsey’s latest album was inadvertently put on the sales floor in a UO store in Chicago. We communicated with the store team and immediately pulled the albums and confirmed this was isolated to that store only. The SKU for the album was not activated in our system so no units were sold; this precaution ensures that no albums are purchased before official release dates. We apologize to Halsey and her label. We took multiple steps to ensure this wouldn’t happen and are now conducting an internal review to determine how such a mistake could have occurred.

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