Liam Gallagher Blasts “Sad Fuck” Noel For Skipping Ariana Grande’s Manchester Benefit

After last month’s horrifying terrorist attack on a Manchester Ariana Grande concert, the music of Oasis has become a sort of healing balm for the city of Manchester; the spontaneous group singalong of “Don’t Look Back In Anger” after a moment of silence to honor the victims was a lovely moment of civic pride. But it hasn’t been enough to heal divisions between former Oasis co-leaders Noel and Liam Gallagher. Those guys still hate each other! It’s oddly reassuring!

Over the weekend, Ariana Grande staged an all-star benefit show in Manchester, and Oasis’ music figured in heavily. Coldplay covered “Don’t Look Back In Anger,” singing it directly to Grande, while Liam Gallagher put in a surprise appearance, singing “Live Forever” with Coldplay and doing a couple of other songs. Noel, however, was not there. And either Liam is pissed at Noel for skipping the show or he’s using the fact that Noel skipped the show as an excuse to further ding his brother. Here’s the latest Twitter bullshit:

Another person who wasn’t there for the Manchester benefit was Usher. As the Manchester Evening News reports, Usher was announced for the show, but he wasn’t there, and there’s been no explanation, though he did offer a statement of support for Manchester on Facebook.

UPDATE: Turns out that Usher couldn’t make it as originally planned because it was his son’s first day at a summer camp for kids living with diabetes. He explained as such in an Instagram post:

So happy to see that last night’s concert in Manchester proved that love always prevails. I would have loved to be there but It was my son’s first day at Camp Kudzu, one of the few summer camps for kids living with diabetes. This was an important day for him and for myself as a proud father.