Radiohead Are Not Thrilled About Their Imminent Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Induction: “I’d Rather Be Sitting At Home”

Radiohead Are Not Thrilled About Their Imminent Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Induction: “I’d Rather Be Sitting At Home”

The interview that keeps on giving… Rolling Stone recently talked to Radiohead for a cover story about OK Computer’s 20th anniversary, and they keep on publishing new details from their conversation. Last week, we ran down 11 of the most interesting quotes about their classic album, and just today we found out that they considered working with Dr. Dre on OK Computer. From that same stray tidbit collection from the interview, we find out what the band really thinks about the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

Radiohead are eligible to enter the Hall Of Fame for the first time next year, and it’s likely that they will be put up for the honor when the nominations are announced in December, but the band doesn’t seem thrilled at the prospect. All five members of the band weighed in on the topic, and Ed O’Brien probably put it best:

I don’t want to be rude about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame because for a lot of people it means something, but culturally I don’t understand it. I think it might be a quintessential American thing. Brits are not very good at slapping ourselves on the back. It seems very show-biz and I’m not very show-biz. We haven’t even been asked. I don’t want to be rude. But if you ask me what I’d rather be doing that night, I’d rather be sitting at home in front of the fire or going to a gig. I realized years ago that I didn’t like award ceremonies. You walk in there and you feel self-conscious. It’s just really uncomfortable. Wherever there is media there seem to be a real level of bullshit. It just feels non-authentic to us.

Thom Yorke added, referencing performing at the induction ceremony: “It wouldn’t be the first place … don’t ask me things like that. I always put my foot in my mouth.”

So there’s a chance they might not even show up! Huh. Except for Colin Greenwood, who seems pretty chill about the whole thing:

I’d be grateful if we got in. Look at the other people that have been inducted. I don’t know if everyone else will go though. It might be me just doing bass versions of everything like, ‘Come on, you know this one!’ I’d have to play the bass part to ‘Creep’ five times.’

Elsewhere in the Rolling Stone interview, they put to rest anyone’s fears that Radiohead might break up anytime soon. “I would imagine we’ll keep going. I mean, I don’t know how, or when, but no, we’re not gonna stop. I fucking hope not,” Yorke said.

Check out all the takeaways from the interview here.

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