Dirty Projectors Play New Album In Full At First Show In Four Years

Dirty Projectors played the opening night of Brooklyn’s Northside Festival last night and performed their new self-titled album in full, though not in order. As Dave Longstreth jumped around the tracklist, he also played some older cuts, including “Impregnable Question,” which he transitioned into the song that samples it, “Keep Your Name.” It was the first time he performed the new material live outside of late-night performances and the group’s first show in four years — it’s also one of Dirty Projectors’ only scheduled tour dates of this album cycle. He was joined on stage by Tyondai Braxton, Nat Baldwin, Olga Bell, two percussionists, four horn players, and a couple others. He also brought out Wet’s Kelly Zutrau for an encore performance of “Cool Your Heart” to take Dawn Richard’s place on the track. Watch some footage from the concert below.

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