T.I. Once Gave Seth Meyers $500 For Telling A Good Joke

T.I. loves to laugh. In an interview with GQ to discuss their new Netflix special Oh, Hello On Broadway, a taped version of their hit stage show recorded at New York’s Lyceum Theater, John Mulaney and Nick Kroll end up talking about T.I, naturally, and Mulaney recounts a story of the rapper visiting the Saturday Night Live writer’s room.

“He came up to the writers’ room on Saturday Night Live — by the way, no one ever walked up there — and just said, ‘I wanted to see what’s going on in here,'” Mulaney recalls. “And we were all like ‘T.I.!’ And Seth [Meyers] made a joke he liked, and he threw, like, five $100 bills on the table and said, ‘I like that.’ And he kept the money.”

T.I.: a true patron of the arts.

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