Buddy & Kaytranada – “World Of Wonders” Video

We were mighty impressed with Ocean & Montana, the breezy and infectious new summertime rap EP from Compton rapper Buddy and Montreal producer Kaytranada. “World Of Wonders” is a splendid example of the project’s appeal: Kaytranada provides a surging, otherworldly synth loop buoyed by airy snaps and pops, adding up to something like a beach party deejayed by Gold Panda, and Buddy glides all over it with effortless grace. In the song’s new video from director Andy Hines, the two of them dance their way around a Los Angeles neighborhood, visiting various homes along the way and exuding stratospheric charisma the whole time. Not a lot happens in the video, but it’s one of those films in which the location becomes a character, and it makes that location feel extremely welcoming. Watch below.