Judd Apatow Shares A Good Story About Paul McCartney Recoiling Away From Him

After more than a decade of Hollywood-conquering success, Judd Apatow is probably pretty used to famous people being nice to him. He did, after all, cast LeBron James in a bit-part role in Trainwreck. But on Conan last night, Apatow told a pretty funny story about how Paul McCartney was absolutely not down to get lunch with him. Apatow has a Netflix stand-up special coming up, and McCartney caught him doing stand-up recently in Los Angeles. But when Apatow approached him afterward and asked for his number, so that they could hang out, McCartney reacted as if Apatow had offered him a leprosy-soaked rag. Here’s Apatow telling the story:

The fact that Judd Apatow is making a Netflix stand-up special is pretty nuts.