Mudhoney – “Neanderfuck”

I’m not here to start an argument, just calling it like I see it: Mudhoney were the quintessential grunge band. That’s not exactly the same as saying they were the best grunge band — it’s kinda hard to pick against Nirvana in that category — but they were also coincidentally pretty damn close to being the best grunge band. There were definitely days they were the best grunge band. Pretty much all the other grunge bands were worse. No shade to Pearl Jam or whatever, but Mudhoney fucking ruled.

And the thing is, they still rule. The band just dropped a new song that’s going to be included on the BASH 17 compilation, which is coming out on the godhead indie-noise label Amphetamine Reptile Records. The track is called “Neanderfuck,” which is an awesome title, and which, near as I can tell, refers back to a 2013 gag-feature the band wrote for The Stranger. I’m glad they re-purposed that title, because that title is too good to give away. The song sounds like vintage Mudhoney in every respect, and it sounds appropriate for an AmRep release, which is to say it’s snarling, angry, funny, squealing, loud, and it rocks like fuck. Naturally not all grunge sounded like this. But this is what the shit was supposed to sound like. Listen.

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