Watch Lizzy Goodman Talk About Her Great Rock-Revival Book Meet Me In The Bathroom On Seth Meyers

The best book I’ve read lately is Meet Me In The Bathroom, Lizzy Goodman’s massive and amazing oral history of the explosion of exciting rock music — probably the last of its kind — in New York in the early ’00s. (Our own Scott Lapatine is among its many sources.) As the book was coming out, LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Nick Zinner spoke at an event for it at the New York bookstore the Strand. Seth Meyers was in the crowd for that, and last night, he welcomed Goodman onto his show to talk about the book. On the show, Goodman talked about the idea that led to her taking six years to write the thing, and she also discussed the difficulties of wrangling all these huge personalities for interviews. If you haven’t read the book, the interview will probably make you want to do it. Check it out below.

Meet Me In The Bathroom is out now; check out the excerpt about the contentious relationship between the Strokes and Ryan Adams.