Terror Pigeon – “Friends” (Feat. Kat Porter)

Next month, Neil Fridd’s ecstatic pop project Terror Pigeon will release its third album, We Will Never Run Out Of Love. We’ve already heard “Chamber Of Secrets For 1” from it, and today we’re premiering another song called “Friends.” It’s the closing track on the album, and it’s a perfect example of the pure joy that this band can evoke. “Friends” is reminiscent of another one of Fridd’s best, “Girl!,” not only because he utilizes the same vocalist in Kat Porter but because both songs are so great at capturing the sort of wistful happiness that comes with being grateful for what you have but realizing there’s no way you can appreciate it all. It’s about seeing those friends that will always be there for you, even if you go a long time without seeing each other. The lyrics shout out specific friends in a goofy, lovable, and heartwarming way: “It’s you that wakes me up, it is you that makes me smile, it is you that makes me give a crap when I haven’t in a while.” But there’s a sadness that underscores the whole affair, a guilt that expresses itself in elastic snaps and a persistent throbbing: “How will I ever be everything I want to be to all of you when I’m gone somewhere else so much?” Porter sings. “Friends” stands as a swirling ode to the fullness that a great friendship provides, when it feels like you can conquer the world as long as they’re by your side. Listen below.

01 “Chamber Of Secrets For 1″
02 “Inconsiderateness Trial” (Feat. Pedro LDV)
03 “Arms”
04 “No Ocean”
05 “Life’s Pretty Tight And You’re Alright” (Feat. Madeline Robinson)
06 “OtherSong”
07 “Come On Ride The Pain And Ride It, Wooawoo”
08 “Forgiveness Is A Dish Best Served All The Time”
09 “More Songs With Keyboard Solos”
10 “Trying > Dying” (Feat. Yohuna)
11 “Love Is Stronger Than Everything And You Can’t Run Out Of It”
12 “Friends” (Feat. Kat Porter)

We Will Never Run Out Of Love is out 7/21. Pre-order it digitally here or on vinyl here.