Brace Yourself For Third Eye Blind’s Version Of Atlanta Trap Music

Third Eye Blind are about to embark on a tour celebrating the 20th anniversary of their debut album, but the band is also working on new music and it sounds …… interesting. In a recent interview with Billboard, frontman and sole remaining founding member Stephan Jenkins describes some of what they’ve been working on:

I am interested in just constantly kind of throwing everything out, and I kinda wanted to provoke myself. I think the song structures are really different. I think one of the songs sounds like the Ramones or Billy Joel, and other tracks, to me, sound like Atlanta trap music. Just because we were in the studio and I was really provoked by the current political situation; we just put up some beats and I started spitting for about 15 minutes, and then edited it down to about four minutes. So it’s all pretty different, I would say.

Hmm… The material he’s talking about was intended for an EP called Summer Gods that was intended to be released for this summer’s Summer Gods tour, but it’s looking like it’ll be included on a full-length for the fall. “In classic Third Eye Blind fashion we didn’t have it ready for the tour,” he noted.