DJ Khaled Claims Sabotage After Getting Booed Offstage At EDC

Electric Daisy Carnival is always kind of a shitshow, but it looks like it was especially shitshowy this year. One festivalgoer died, over 1000 more sought medical treatment, fans had to wait hours and hours for shuttles, and DJ Khaled’s set was sabotaged, according to DJ Khaled. After a set plagued by sound issues and technical difficulties, Khaled was booed offstage by fans chanting for Yellow Claw, the DJ who was scheduled to perform next. But to hear DJ Khaled tell it, “they” just didn’t want you to hear a DJ Khaled set at EDC:

“They want to cut my shit, but this is California,” Khaled can be heard saying in the second video he posted to Instagram. Electric Daisy Carnival is held in Las Vegas, which is in Nevada. Nevada is not in California. Anyway, here’s Deadmau5’s take: