Foo Fighters Announce New Album Concrete And Gold

Foo Fighters Announce New Album Concrete And Gold

Foo Fighters have announced that their ninth studio album, which is called Concrete And Gold, will be out on 9/15. It features lead single “Run” and “Lah Dee Da” and “The Sky Is A Neighborhood,” two tracks that they previously debuted live. That’s the cover art above and you can check out the tracklist below.

01 “T-Shirt”
02 “Run”
03 “Make It Right”
04 “The Sky Is A Neighborhood”
05 “La Dee Da”
06 “Dirty Water”
07 “Arrows”
08 “Happily Ever After (Zero Hour)”
09 “Sunday Rain”
10 “The Line”
11 “Concrete And Gold”

The album was produced by Greg Kurstin, and Dave Grohl had this to say about the collaboration in a press release: “I wanted it to be the biggest sounding Foo Fighters record ever. To make a gigantic rock record but with Greg Kurstin’s sense of melody and arrangement… Motorhead’s version of Sgt. Pepper… or something like that.”

Grohl also shared a letter on the official Foo Fighters website announcing the album and a new festival called CAL JAM 17, which will take place in San Bernardino, CA on 10/7 and feature a lineup that includes Queens of the Stone Age, Cage The Elephant, Liam Gallagher, the Kills, Japandroids, White Reaper, and more:

Dear everybody —

Remember that “break” we were taking?

Well….. We lied.

We just spent the last 6 months secretly making a gigantic new Foo Fighters album with our friend/genius/mastermind Greg Kurstin that will undoubtedly fry stereos from here to Fukuoka. Start saving your speaker money now. Sorry. It’s big.

It’s called Concrete And Gold, comes out Sept. 15th, and has more twists and turns than a live Senate hearing. Like a box of really loud chocolates. Hope you’re hungry.

And what better way to celebrate our biggest sounding album ever than to invite 50,000 of you to come throw down with 22 of our favorite bands Oct 7th at the Glen Helen Regional Park + Fairgrounds. That’s right. We throw one of hell of a part, you know….

See you there. It’s gonna go off.


Talking to Annie Mac on BBC 1, Grohl said the LP features a bunch of guests, including “one who is probably the biggest pop star in the world and, I’m not kidding, sings backup on one of the heaviest songs on the record and we’re not telling anybody who it is.”

Concrete And Gold is out 9/15 via Roswell/RCA.

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