Andy Samberg And Future Islands Talk “Dick In A Box,” Joanna Newsom, & Becoming A Meme

Actor, comedian, and Lonely Island member Andy Samberg interviewed Future Islands for a new Magnet cover story. In the intro, Samberg says that he first heard about Future Islands when he was working at Saturday Night Live, and that the interview itself “went great and is going to change the world.” Haha. Let’s dive into some of the best quotes…

When Future Islands’ William Cashion asked Samberg what it’s like to be married to Joanna Newsom, Samberg said the following:

By all means, we have a room that houses harps. And it’s kind of like a weird music fan dream come true for me that we have been so in love because I get to hear her play harp all the time.

Cashion later asked about the origins of the Lonely Island’s “Dick In A Box”:

Cashion: Andy, I have another question. “Dick In A Box”—where’s the inspiration? Where did that come from? Did you put your dick in a box?
Samberg: The inspiration for that came from when Justin Timberlake was hosting around Christmas and Lorne Michaels told us, “You’re doing a song with Timberlake.” I realized really quickly that we all loved early ’90s R&B like R. Kelly and H-Town. [Michaels] was like, “What if we wanted it to be Christmas themed?” We started writing it, and I sent it down to Justin, who’s down on the floor rehearsing sketches, and he loved it.
Cashion: Is that the question you get asked all the time?
Samberg: Not the most, but definitely people say “dick in a box” to me as much as anything. I’m very comfortable with it. I love it. The joke is that that’s gonna be my epitaph: “Made ‘Dick In A Box.’” There’s worse epitaphs to have.
Herring: That’s also a shitty thing to put on somebody’s gravestone.
Samberg: “This guy was alive, now he’s just a dick in a box.”

Future Islands frontman Sam Herring chatted a bit about some of the people he gets compared to:

Samberg: Sam’s voice gets a lot of different comparisons in articles I’ve read.
Herring: I used to say things about the media, but I can’t because now I just sound like Donald Trump when I do. “Media tells lies!” We always enjoy when people write specific things about us. I get Cookie Monster a lot. That one bugs me. I think it’s more in my vocal delivery than in my voice.
Samberg: Maybe the cadence?
Herring: Yeah, I don’t really know. There was a meme going around of me next to Tim Kaine, and people were like, “That’s crazy, Sam Herring is just like a slightly younger Tim Kaine.” He’s 35 years older than me. Come on, give me a break.

And then, Herring reflected on whether or not his 2014 Letterman performance of “Seasons” is Future Islands’ very own “Dick In A Box.”

Herring: Our “Dick In A Box” is probably the Letterman (performance of “Seasons” in 2014).
Samberg: Are you guys sick to death of talking about that? You must be.
Herring: Nah, it’s cool.
Samberg: There you go, ‘cause it’s your “Dick In A Box.”

Read the interview in full here.