Bono Meets With Paul Ryan, Signs Get-Well Card For Wounded Congressman

Bono paid a visit to Capitol Hill on Wednesday (June 21) to give his best wishes to House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, who was injured in a shooting in Virginia last week.

The U2 frontman was seen signing a “get well” card for Scalise, one of five people wounded when shots broke out during the GOP team’s practice on June 14 for the annual Congressional Baseball Game. Bono also met members of Scalise’s staff in the Louisiana Republican’s office, along with House GOP leaders including Speaker Paul Ryan and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

Though the politically active singer — by now a regular in Washington — at first declined to reveal further reasons for his visit, a statement shared on Twitter by Politico reporter Kyle Cheney filled in the blanks. As co-founder of the ONE Campaign advocacy organization, Bono wished to talk with lawmakers about fully funding the International Affairs account in the FY18 budget, according to the statement.

“Bono is highlighting the lives saved by America’s investments in foreign assistance and underscoring testimony given by 16 retired generals and admirals last week about the critical importance of development to America’s national security,” the statement reads.

The artist has testified numerous times in Congress on issues from refugee aid to preventing AIDS and poverty in Africa. He’s also been vocally critical of President Donald Trump — even telling a virtual version of Trump “you’re fired” at a concert. Last month, he shared a photo with former President George W. Bush after the two met to discuss how Trump’s budget cuts could affect AIDS prevention programs.

Bono first gave Scalise a shout-out at a U2 concert in Washington on Tuesday night, telling audience members he was “grateful” that the congressman and others survived the gunfire.

This article originally appeared on Billboard.

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