Deadmau5 Comes For The Chainsmokers: “I’m 100% Convinced You’re Shit”

ason Merritt / Getty Images

Deadmau5 Comes For The Chainsmokers: “I’m 100% Convinced You’re Shit”

ason Merritt / Getty Images

There’s no grey area when it comes to the Chainsmokers. The frat bros effortlessly maintain enormous split camps of “lovers” and “haters.” The latter camp has a high profile new member in Deadmau5.

The Canadian producer (real name Joel Zimmerman) and social media firestarter has embarked on another Twitter rampage, this time targeting the EDM duo.

Apropos of nothing, Deadmau5 tweeted: “sorry, i just made the terrible mistake of listening to a chainsmokers song. at least the first 6 seconds of it. i was trying to do something.”

And then he got on his nasty, making sure to add the Chainsmokers’ Twitter handle just to keep them in the loop. “I ALSO NEED TO LEARN HOW TO UNROLL A SUIT@thechainsmokers i used to just say you were shit for fun. now im 100% convinced you’re shit.”

Some music makes you want to dance like no-one’s watching. Some makes you feel dead inside. Deadmau5 can spot the difference. “You know what i did tho? for real. listened to the ‘top whatever songs’ just to see if i was about to be blown away. nope. just dead inside,” he informed his 3.91 million Twitter followers.

Zedd joined in with some banter. “U fucken hate everything and anyone,” the Russian-born German DJ and producer opined. Deadmau5 didn’t exactly correct him.

There’s no response yet from the Chainsmokers, who join the likes of DJ Khaled, Kanye West, Skrillex, Justin Bieber, Madonna and Arcade Fire, all of whom have faced a digital barrage from the helmet-wearing EDM star.

This story originally appeared on Billboard.

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