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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

Hey what’s up it’s Gabriela subbing for Tom this week. How’s it going? I’m gonna take this intro space to address the videos I did not choose to include in this round up. Radiohead’s “Man Of War” piece is definitely unsettling but I expected it to end with some gory shit and it didn’t, so it’s out. Everything Arcade Fire does is annoying and therefore neither video they made for “Creature Comfort” made the cut either. Moby put out a pretty dope animated video for “In This Cold Place” so shout out to him — he would’ve made it onto this list if I wasn’t so fatigued by #resist content. All of the videos I chose are relatively simple concepts executed perfectly. Shout out what I missed in the comments below.

5. Chris Cornell – “The Promise” (Dir. Meiert Avis and Stefan Smith)

This isn’t the best video I’ve seen this week, but how the hell am I supposed to leave Chris Cornell’s final video off of this list?

4. Sam Patch – “St. Sebastian” (Dir. Brantley Gutierrez)

Synchronized swimming is extremely cool!

3. Kali Uchis – “Tyrant” (Feat. Jorja Smith) Video (Dir. Helmi)

Were the ’80s fun? I wasn’t there.

2. Haim – “Want You Back” (Dir. Jake Schreier)

This v minimalist video is great for three reasons:
1) Ventura Boulevard is COMPLETELY EMPTY. No cars, no people, nothing.
2) This is a single shot. The sisters HAIM must’ve had to walk down the street like a billion times to get the right take.
3) Este Haim’s body language in this is… maybe better than her bass face in the “Right Now” video?

1. SZA – “Drew Barrymore” (Dir. Dave Meyers)

There is a certain type of video I like to call the “Young People Having Fun Video.” Generally it consists of a bunch of party scene montages and rooftop views and drinking and sex and etc. Sylvan Esso put out a kinda meh version of it earlier in the week, but SZA gets it 100% right in the visual for “Drew Barrymore.” It’s sexy and gorgeous and really, really fun. I want to make memories with all of these people and I also want to meet Drew Barrymore. Good work making me jealous, SZA.