Watch Taylor Swift’s Noxiously Insincere Salute To Russell Westbrook

Last night, during the first annual NBA Awards, the NBA handed its regular-season MVP trophy to Russell Westbrook, the second player ever to average a triple double for an entire season and the first in more than 50 years. As SPIN points out, one of the more endearing things about Westbrook is that he’s a big Taylor Swift fan; he’s posted videos of himself singing along with Swift in his car and at her shows. And during his MVP video package, Swift jumped in to offer her congratulations. Unfortunately, she did so in deeply corny fashion, making up a long and dumb story about how she’s the one who taught him to play basketball and he’s the one who taught her the phrase “shake it off.” It is painful to watch, and Swift plainly knows nothing about Westbrook beyond “MVP” and “basketball.” Give yourself a skin-crawly shudder by watching it below.

On the plus side, Taylor’s got the curly hair again, and it looks good.